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Showing a Ducati being loaded on to the stinger trailer, Condor Chock The Stinger is a durable, well-built, practical and urban-friendly unit that is not a bad value at $1,400. It compacts for easy storage, using approximately the same space as a push lawn mower. It includes a spare tire, tie down kit, 2 rubber floor chocks, and footboards. It unfolds with very little heavy lifting required; you simply pull a few pins out and unfold it. I hold dear to my heart commandment number ten, in which we are commanded not to covet or desire that which God has given another. I'm not doing so well. Line Up Overview New September 2017, Your email address will not be published. You can then place a sidestand plate on the left side of the trailer and roll (or even ride) the bike up onto the ramp. The compact design allows you to have a full-size trailer while using minimum storage space. Motorcycle Trailer Motorcycle Parts Can Am Spyder Accessories Motorcycle Carrier Car Trailer Trailers Welding And Fabrication Volkswagen Led Tail Lights. Fit and finish is distinctly American, with heavy welds and thick powder-coat everywhere. Knowing what options or prices eBay can offer you for these products and the features they include might help you find the right new or used cargo trailer. Plus, our Folding Utility Trailer converts into a golf cart trailer or 6'ft x 9'ft utility trailer (for ATVs, SxS, UTVs, and more) in just minutes. Required fields are marked *, Premium Custom Aluminum Rims for XL112 / Twin Cruiser, FREE SHIPPING North America Wide (AK, HI Excluded). Up for sale is a barley used 2018 Stinger XL folding trailer. Remote areas may be an extra charge, CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-577-8809 Rod saw traditional trailer engineering as bulky and primitive, and came up with some interesting solutions for the folding trailer problem. "Rocket" Folding Motorcycle Trailer I've learned a lot about motorcycle trailers since purchasing this Rocket Fold-Up trailer, no doubt about it. The trailer went together easily enough and performed satisfactorily, although it uses cheap bearings, rattles like a Model-T on a logging road, and is now decrepit to the point of looking like found art.There are a lot of big-buck folding trailers on the market from makers like Kendon, but these are big, heavy things that fold up, true, but still take up more room than a refrigerator in your garage (and cost around $2,000). (I blame society.) Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Ready to go in 5 Minutes! Some of its features include a masterlock 3 piece anti-theft set, a trimax 10' locking motorcycle cable, as well as simple folding and assembly using only 3 pins and one person! I hadn't anticipated a couple of semesters at the webBikeWorld College of Motorcycle Trailers, but that's "What trailer?" We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. When the front wheel is butted in the chock, you deploy the sidestand (unless you have a racebike) and get off the bike if you took the time to put the sidestand plate in place. Stinger Motorcycle Trailers takes up less room than other trailers by not only folding, but standing upright as well. Folded, the Stinger fits into an incredibly tiny package the size of an ottoman, except with wheels. We have motorcycle trailers for all of your motorcycle hauling needs. Introducing Stinger Twin Cruiser Stinger Twin Cruiser Video Commercial. If he did, he created them to test my adherence to the above commandment. You then secure the handlebars with tiedown straps, and then take the extra step of securely fastening the back of the bike as well to the loops welded to the axles. Next, he utilized heavier-gauge steel for the axle and other parts than other manufacturers might use. Richmond, California welder Rod Haskins has been … This extra-long Stinger Folding Motorcycle Trailer is 110" long, and has a large 1,771 lbs. The powder-coated trailer only weighs 180 pounds and measures 153.5 inches when fully extended with the ramp down. I went the cheapskate route some years ago; I bought a $300 folding-trailer kit from Harbor Freight Tools. $2,979.50... more info. This trailer is easily operated by one person, and quickly unfolds to its fully extended length. It compacts for easy storage, using approximately the same space as a push lawn mower. it's a very convenient piece of gear, intruding little into your stuff-and-activity-crammed existence. Backed by an array of warranties targeted at individual components, it's obvious that Kendon's folding standup motorcycle trailer is worth more than it's weight in trust. View Product. Northern Tool's Folding and Heavy Duty Trailers This steel trailer features a 1,771 lb. "What trailer?" This is in marked contrast to my crummy kit trailer, which can be so violently destructive if mishandled it should work as a Mob hitman. My small, ant-like car can pull a 1,000-pound trailer, but where do I put the freakin' trailer when I'm not using it? This was a very different response from her than what I get regarding my current trailer, which varies from "I banged my %&^$%& shin on that %&%& thing again!" Motorcycle Trailers, Folding Utility Trailers and Motorcycle Lifts that fold and stand up to save room when stored. From trailers that fold nearly flat to trailers that disassemble for convenient storage. Saved by Rosendo Salazar. Harley loaded onto a Stinger Trailer, Stinger all around view The STINGER Twin Cruiser features an adjustable front V-Stop for even distribution of tongue weight and high pressure radial tires. A light trailer with small wheels may be easy to move around and store, but is it safe on the freeway? Your email address will not be published. It's that bad. It compacts for easy storage, using approximately the same space as a push lawn mower. God apparently did not know about giant box trailers with four-bike garages, sleeping quarters and air conditioning. It doesn’t have to be big to be an Adventure. In fact, we had to go to Ikea to buy a thing to store our cutlery in. weight capacity to hold large chopper and cruiser bike models. Empty, you would forget it's there, as it's so light and is completely out of your field of view, except that it makes a symphony of clanging and rattling noises as it bounces over bumps, sometimes even launching its wheels into the air. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. It cost $2,390.75 out the door (see receipt in picture). Running Boards Rod knew that a trailer measuring just 48 inches from tire to tire and weighing in at 180 pounds might not inspire enough confidence in the trailer-buying public, so he applied his engineering prowess to that issue in a couple of clever ways. It is worth considering when you need to haul your bike anywhere you need to be. SBX09 Folding Trailer The SBX is our folding single bike trailer designed with all the features of our GT and SB as well as the ability to be folded away for compact storage in a garage. Motorcycle Single Trailers For Sale: 4 Motorcycle Single Trailers - Find Motorcycle Single Trailers on Cycle Trader. You know who you are, you smug bastards. In fact, I would recommend pulling it empty as little as possible. Stinger Folding Motorcycle Trailer Rod Haskins, owner of metal bender Maintenance & Fab in Richmond, California, isn’t a rider himself, but … By simply removing the pins, the Stinger folds out to a full-size motorcycle trailer in no time. STINGER Motorcycle Trailers takes up less room than other folding trailers. The Stinger folding motorcycle trailer is rugged, well-built, easy to use, and will work well with virtually any motorcycle you can own. Required fields are marked * Comment. Overview of the new Stinger Twin Cruiser. Too much bouncing and a locking pin could come loose, meaning the ramp could come down clanging and dragging at 30 or 40 MPH, making a trail of orange. Stinger Folding Double Motorcycle Trailer. Join the Weekly Newsletter to keep up to date on all things motorcycling. A motorcycle trailer is a great way to transport your bike for long distances in an enclosed space. It is everything that motorcycle trailers aspire to be. He went into the business when a customer asked him to fabricate a trailer, so he attacked the problem of how to make a high-quality, durable, stable, compact, and easy-to-use trailer that could be made for a value price in the United States. It ships complete with a built-in wheel chock and running boards. In front is a heavy-duty wheel chock with two tie-down points behind it. There isn't even an "out-front five". Email Call 1-940-202-1263. Stinger Twin Cruiser Folding Motorcycle Trailer – Specifications, • Capacity: 2 Motorcycles – each up to 112” long (when trailer is fully extended), • Folded Footprint Measures (W x D x H) : 89” x 27” x 49”, • Unfolded Measurements (L x W) : 116” (112” usable) x 89”, • Powder Coated for a long lasting finish, • Tires are 21.5” in diameter on a 12” Rim, Tire itself is 145/R12 LRE RTrl RH TL 12X4 5/4.5 Tracker SilvCC F532, • Design allows one person to assemble or fold for storage, • Simple to fold and assemble with using 6 pins, • Fenders and Custom Built Chock are standard equipment. First, he designed a special trailer hitch that, while fussier to use than a simple ball hitch, will not allow the trailer to turn turtle, no matter how crazily you might drive. • One rider can safely load a motorcycle and secure the tie-downs. This trailer is foldable and expands to a full-size 13' trailer in less than 30 seconds! He uses much heavier-gauge steel than most manufacturers, but to save weight has eliminated much of the frame found on conventional trailers. You see, like many of you out there, I have to rent my domicile, and there's not much room for a trailer in the ol' back 40, as there is no back 40. away . Folding, unfolding and loading the trailer should be done with two people. It doesn't bounce off the ground over bumps and doesn't make the groans and clanks it does when empty. Once there, loading the motorcycle is incredibly easy. Harley on Stinger It has less than 200 miles on it. It was a formidable challenge for a small businessperson. ... Stinger Folding XL 112 Motorcycle Trailer. Near new Stinger Motorcycle Trailer buckles after its FIFTH tow!!! • This trailer meets or exceeds all US and Canadian trailer manufacturer requirements, Stinger Twin Cruiser Ships free. Rod is also working on a two-ramp trailer as well as a trailer for trikes and quads. The pneumatic characteristics of the 12″ rim with radial tires, and the suspension of the motorcycle itself helps provide a safe, smooth ride. Space saving Kendon Stand-Up Trailers and Lifts since 1991. Stinger Single Trike Trailer. Stinger Folding Motorcycle Trailer. Showing Bike loading into Stinger’s condor wheel chock, Harley on a Stinger You can also store extra camping gear in it and pull it along with your motorcycle. Straight on view of Stinger motorcycle trailer. Accessories like floorboards are also available. There, occupying about as much room as a very large dog or a child-sized casket (folded it measures about 4' by 2.5' by 2.5') was the folded-up trailer. Get the Stinger double motorcycle trailer for the best price from Discount Ramps today! Two more tie-down points are attached to the axle. Most of our single motorcycle trailers are foldable and compact, and can be stowed in the trunk of a vehicle with room left for additional items like your suitcase and cooler. Reliable, durable, and easy to use, this Stinger Quick Assemble Motorcycle Trailer is designed for fast one person assembly. By removing three pins, the STINGER folds out to a full-size motorcycle trailer in no time. On the road, a loaded Stinger is very quiet and smooth. Finally,  high-speed, heavy-duty "Sure-Lube" bearings (designed for submersible trailers) are used for maximum confidence at high speeds. When you're not using this trailer (and if you're like most motorcyclists, you don't need it most of the time, do you?) As Steve Martin said, "let's get small". 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